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Concrete Breaking with Excavator
Track Loader Loading Debris
Case 9040 Excavator and JCB 712 Dump Truck
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Our company has provided and continues to provide various site work services including Land Clearing, Grading, Excavating, Demolition, and Hauling / Removal Services for commercial, residential, educational, government, and religious customers. W.C. Black and Sons, Inc. provides quality earth moving and demolition solutions throughout the Carolinas, and has done so for over 30 years. Our services have been utilized by residential customers, commercial / industrial customers, government agencies, and educational and religious organizations. Our site work services have been utilized by several of Charlotte’s finest custom home builders, some of which have even been featured in Charlotte’s Annual Home-A-Rama Event. We have also provided our services to non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity as well.

Client solutions have included Grading Services, Land Clearing Services, Excavation Services, Demolition Services, and Junk Removal Services. We have also provided Landfill Management Services, Erosion Control Measures, Retention Wall Construction, and more. Listed below are some examples of the residential communities, commercial customers, and or government agencies for which we have completed projects.

Residential Communities


Commercial / Government

  High Gate   Auto Zone  
  Stone Croft   Collins & Aikman  
  Evermay   CVS  
  Long View   U.S. Postal Services  
  White Gate   N.C. Air National Guard  
  The Sanctuary   N.C. Army National Guard  
  The Palisades   City of Charlotte  
  Piper Glen   Charlotte Douglas IAP  
  Myers Park   Grant Construction  
  Seven Eagles   Yandle Real Estate  
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